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A variety of specialists are typically needed to keep your financial affairs in order; including an attorney, CPA®, insurance agent and life coach. We, however, provide an integrated web that brings together and enhances all of these professional services leaving you with one point of contact for all matters.

Acting as your family’s control tower, we are able to ensure all individual actions are made with your complete financial picture in mind.


We provide you with one-stop reporting on all of your assets. Using a proprietary reporting platform, we track and detail all of your assets:

  • Intangible investments: including details on accounts held across all firms, including brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, employee benefits, private equity interests and hedge funds.
  • Real estate: your primary home, vacation home(s) and investment properties.
  • Insurance: life insurance, property & casualty, health and any other relevant coverage.
  • Personal property: fine arts, jewelry or other collectibles.
  • Family trusts or other entities: LLCs, LPs, corporation or trust.

We consolidate the highlights of these assets into one comprehensive and easy-to-read report. This report becomes a highly effective tool for evaluating performance against overall wealth objectives and designing a plan to optimize the portfolio. We continue to monitor and analyze the plan once implemented and are prepared to modify the plan to adapt to changing tax laws, life circumstances or other unforeseen events.

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