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Recent market volatility is a continued reminder of the importance of a trusted advisor that provides quality financial counseling. Individuals and families are seeking asset security, objective advice and quality service. AJ Wealth provides its clients a service that is unique in the financial services industry.  Instead of working with a stockbroker, attorney, CPA® and insurance agent all with their own individual opinions and interests, clients will find a trusted advisor knowledgeable and experienced in all of these matters with an exceptional ability to integrate all pieces efficiently.

Our clients are made up of private equity / hedge fund principals, corporate executives, business owners, inheritors of wealth and married / single individuals.  At the most general level, clients will require a similar service.  All client relationships begin by gathering data and compiling it into a comprehensive report including a net worth, asset allocation, investment performance, will and trust summary, estate flow chart and income tax report.  At this point we identify the areas of our clients’ finances that require immediate action.  Executing on this plan and then continuously monitoring and guiding our clients’ financial lives as their lives change is what makes us unique.

Private Equity / Hedge Fund Principals
Individuals paid through a partnership interest and therefore receive a Schedule K-1 are impacted by tax code sections and rules that most need not be concerned with.  It is important to keep track of remaining capital commitment, contributions already made, distributions received, tax basis and transfer value.  We will report all of this to you in a clear and concise manner to allow for accurate cash flow planning and tax reporting.

Corporate Executives
Corporate executives are highly affected by their employer's offerings and success.  Therefore it is essential to analyze employee benefits and 401k, diversify single stock risk, and understand deferred compensation / restricted stock plans and necessary compliance filings. We will educate ourselves on all of your company’s policies and offerings in order to provide strategic guidance.  Further, we will coordinate with key human resource personnel and with your authorization effect any necessary decisions.

Business Owners
Business owners have great control over an entire separate entity. With that control comes the need to understand the financial aspects / implications of that entity.  Specifically, it is important to file required tax forms and understand company benefit options available to you and your employees (e.g. 401k / SEP / DBP, FSAs, health insurance).  Further, due to the current estate tax system it is extremely important to thoughtfully plan your succession and properly value your interest for effective estate tax financing or lifetime gifting.  We will focus on all aspects of your company to ensure you strategically manage and control your business’s financial life.

Inheritors of Wealth (from any source)
Inheritors of Wealth must fully understand the financial characteristics of that wealth.  Whether the wealth comes from a trust created by a parent, the estate of a loved one, a divorce agreement, a judgment or the lottery, there are typically limitations or protections that are already in place or should be put in place.  Protecting and preserving the inheritance becomes of utmost importance and a job that we will perform diligently.

The “Institution of Marriage”
Entering into marriage financially, legally and emotionally attaches 2 individuals.  Whether it be sharing your wealth with a loved one or protecting your wealth through a prenuptial / divorce agreement, there are tax implications that must be considered to avoid unintended consequences.  Further, those that are single must think about where they want their wealth to pass, either during their lifetime or at death, and effectively structure the estate to ensure it passes that way.  We will analyze and educate you on all issues, then implement a plan that is aligned with your goals and objectives. 

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