Anne Myrseth

  • Director of Office Operations
    Anne Myrseth

    Anne is the Director of Office Operations at AJ Wealth, managing the firm’s operations team, Enterprise, which is tasked with executing the plans advisors work through with clients. With the multitude of tasks AJ Wealth handles for clients, Team Enterprise allows advisors to focus on working with clients and ensures all clients receive consistent and high quality implementation of their financial plans. In this fast paced and high pressure environment, Anne’s 10+ years of project management experience makes her a stalwart leader. Prior to joining AJ Wealth, Anne worked at Centron as a VP, Account Group Supervisor and Director of Project Management. In addition to day-to-day account management she was also responsible for setting up processes and systems to ensure work flowed smoothly, delivered accurately, on time and on budget. Anne graduated from Quinnipiac College in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science.

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