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Asset Management

It is in our mutual best interest to keep you fully informed, fully engaged, and fully educated on all investment decisions. We take great care in understanding your risk tolerance, your retirement goals, your financial commitments and ALL of your assets to design an asset allocation that is right for you.

Upon building this asset allocation, we carefully identify the right investment vehicles and the most efficient locations to hold them.  We maintain an open architecture investment model that picks the most appropriate investment for each asset class.  We believe that in most cases these investments will include low cost passive index funds, as these typically outperform the costlier, actively managed funds.  However, there are times when an actively managed fund is the better option.  We also look to alternative investment strategies for added diversification when and where appropriate.

Structuring a diversified portfolio consistent with your risk tolerance and financial needs allows you to be indifferent to daily market fluctuations. We do a full review of the portfolio on a quarterly basis to ensure performance is holding up with benchmarks and to rebalance if necessary. Further, as life changes occur and financial needs change, we rebalance the portfolio accordingly. This approach leads to very little turnover and in turn fewer realizations of capital gains. Near the end of the year, we review the portfolio to determine if any tax strategies such as realizing losses within the portfolio are appropriate.

The performance of your investments is most important; a close second is reporting this performance to you in a meaningful and clear way. We take great care in understanding your various investment vehicles and the economics behind them. Then we take greater care designing a summary report that clearly highlights what is important. This allows you to make educated financial decisions and always be aware of your portfolio’s performance.

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