Cash Flows

Banking and Lending

Bank financing can provide you with opportunities to leverage your illiquid assets and offers capital for other ventures or personal needs. When considering bank financing, it is important to be smart about the collateral used, the type of loan product chosen and the use of the funds. Properly structuring the loan can lead to lower taxes and interest rates.

Given our collective asset size and bargaining strength, we have negotiated highly competitive rates from multiple credit providers. This allows us to shop your credit needs among a variety of banks to provide you with significant savings in interest costs. In many cases, the savings enjoyed by our clients have been sufficient to cover in perpetuity our overall advisory fee.

Once we find the best product for your needs, we work with the bank, on your behalf, to work through the underwriting process and complete the transaction.

Lifetime Cash Flow Planning

Keeping track of short and long term cash flows prepares you for capital calls, renovations, education, retirement and other large expenditures. We clearly outline your various sources and uses of funds, so that you can properly plan and size cash outlays.

Survivor Cash Flow Planning

While tough to think about, it is important to plan for the worst and ensure your family has sufficient assets to maintain the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to.

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