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While there is typically little short term benefit from good estate planning, there is significant long term benefit to your family and loved ones. Proper planning can lead to an efficiently structured estate that not only eases estate taxes, but also leaves your wealth to your heirs in a manner that protects them from personal conflicts, creditors and other threats. Further, we design this in a way that is consistent with your wishes.

We help clients understand their existing estate planning structures by taking out the legalese to summarize and illustrate their estate plan in a clear way. Once we understand your important objectives, we review your existing documents to see if they meet those objectives and execute corrections, if necessary. Further, we can offer advice on sophisticated estate planning methods and work with an attorney (of your or our choosing) to implement suitable solutions.

While much of estate planning deals with structuring your estate in the most tax efficient manner, it is also important to leave wealth to your heirs in a responsible and well thought out manner. With a variety of trusts and other estate planning entities, we help you navigate your way through these various structures to create the most appropriate ones to meet your needs and wishes.

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