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Taxes cannot be avoided, but good planning mitigates the expense. There are a variety of taxes that need to be considered when planning, income, gift, GST, estate, payroll, property transfer tax.  Each requires proper planning to ensure you are not overpaying your taxes and also to ensure that you are compliant.  We review how each of these taxes affect you, putting you in the best position to be compliant and cost efficient.

We are involved in your tax preparation from beginning to end, shielding you from many of the questions that come up and gathering many of your necessary tax forms.  We also run quarterly projections for you to determine if any estimated payments are needed.  We advise on the tax consequences of impending transactions and facilitate in the preparation and review of necessary tax returns.

Tax planning begins well before actual payments are made. It is important to do proper planning. We have built our tax planning advice on years of dissecting tax codes, regulations and real life experiences.  We use this knowledge to correct any inefficiencies you currently have and, as you live your life, we help you navigate through the complexities of the various taxes as painlessly as possible.

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